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We Strive to Provide Premium Kiln Dried Firewood with Excellent Customer Service.

The Cleaner, Safer, Better Firewood Choice.


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LI Wood Heat is one of Long Island’s Largest Kiln Dried Wood Suppliers.  Most people think that all wood burns the same. If you tried to burn wood you will see that it is actually hard to burn because of the moisture content.

It's important to have dried wood for your fireplace, stove or restaurant oven.
Wood that is dried in a kiln can have a moisture content of less than 15%, which is unheard of for air drying. The air is controlled and able to circulate around the wood for maximum drying.  At LI Wood Heat Inc we use state-Of-The-Art technology to provide our clients with the perfect wood every time.


Residential Customers

A fire can be really satisfying, relaxing and enjoyable. It draws people and families together. LI Wood Heat Inc has provided customers with better wood, better fires and better service for over 25 years. Our Kiln Dried firewood will have no insects, no bugs and no mold. The secret to our success is our premium wood is Kiln Dried at 260 degrees. We use the latest technology and a computer controlled gas fired kiln to remove the moisture from out premium wood. The result is perfect firewood every time.


Commercial Customers

LI Wood Heat Inc provides premium kiln dried wood to businesses throughout the Long Island area. We offer our products to small businesses and to large chain stores. Call us today for premium kiln dried wood at lower prices than out competitors.


USDA Certified Kiln Dried Firewood Certification # WWH-3055-HTL